Crescent Photography
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Welcome to my Crescent Photography Blog! As well as post about the projects I have been working on expect scribblings on anything else that catches my eye!

Keeping it Low-key

Here are a few examples of low-key photography, a technique that can add atmosphere to a portrait or give a new perspective to a product. 

Michael Wisner ceramic shot on a mirror

To achieve this striking effect you don't need a fancy studio or a large black sheet, in fact all these shots have been taken during the day with the curtains wide open. 

The black background is achieved by dialing down the aperture until the whole scene turns black, an off camera flash is then introduced to illuminate the subject from one side.

John Gilks, HM Graphics in Leamington Spa. This was shot without a flash, instead John was highlighted by bright sunlight from a window

Baby George

Glasses, cloth and case. Colour can be just as striking as black and white

Take a look at Michael Wisner's ceramics which are painstakingly patenated by hand, his website is and he is exhibited by Beaux Arts in Bath,

Thanks to John for letting me post his photo! John can be found at H.M.Graphics in Leamington Spa, check out his almost daily "Artist Birthday" posts on Facebook