I recently had the pleasure of designing and building www.abercornucopia.com, a website which explores and documents the 39 editions of Abercornucopia. First published in 1962 Abercornucopia was a monthly newspaper printed and published by the Lake Press Limited of Abercorn, Northern Rhodesia. 

 Abercornucopia and coffee at Society Cafe

 Abercornucopia and coffee at Society Cafe

The brief for www.abercornucopia.com was for an engaging, clean website, which would be quick to navigate and easy for the client to update.

The website features a gallery of great images from the 1960's, showing the Abercorn press in action as well as the surrounding countryside.

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Abercornucopia, newspaper editions available to explore online


Abercornucopia, gallery of images from the 1960's

Source: www.abercornucopia.com