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Welcome to my Crescent Photography Blog! As well as post about the projects I have been working on expect scribblings on anything else that catches my eye!

Filters and Fractures

Typing this with my left hand is tricky, editing pictures with my left hand is trickier and thanks to all the controls being on the right, using a DSLR with my left hand is pretty much impossible. Which is why as a right handed photographer this 'self portrait' of my right arm is not great news! 


The dislocation is pretty obvious but what you can't see is the triple fracture of the radial head (I am now an expert when it comes to bones in your arm!). Silver lining, this happened on the way back from a week in Devon rather than on the way there.  

Soar Mill Cove is an idyllic little beach tucked away on the South Devon coast; a 5 mile cliff walk around the headland from Salcombe. Our hotel and a handful of cottages were the only buildings for miles so unlike most of Devon this little spot remains peaceful, especially in the evenings which is the perfect time to take some coastal shots using a set of graduated filters.

A graduated filter fits on front of your lens and fades from clear to dark. When used with the dark edge at the top, light from the sky is filtered while more is let through at the bottom. This enables you to balance the exposure of land and sea with a bright sky. The main benefit is a more detailed sky which adds atmosphere to your images.

For those of you wondering how I hurt my arm. Unfortunately I don't have a heroic story, I would just advise you all to watch your footing in the M5 Taunton Deane services car-park....