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Welcome to my Crescent Photography Blog! As well as post about the projects I have been working on expect scribblings on anything else that catches my eye!

Bristol M Shed

First post for a while; I've been busy working on all sorts of shoots ranging from a Hollywood movie star to teddy bears picnics and I'll do my best to post some images from a few of these over the Christmas holidays.


My son is currently obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine so today despite the weather we decided to take the train to Bristol and stroll along to the M Shed. For those of you who don't have the excuse of a two year old to watch Thomas, the grumpy crane called "Cranky" looks very similar to the industrial cranes lined up along the the M Shed dock. The museum is well worth a visit and there is a great little coffee shop behind it called Little Victories

All these images have been shot with my 50mm on a full frame Canon.