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Welcome to my Crescent Photography Blog! As well as post about the projects I have been working on expect scribblings on anything else that catches my eye!

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Performance Photography

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to dancing however as soon as the group of final year students took to the stage it was obvious even to me that they were a very talented group. Coupled with the fantastic theatre facilities and lighting technicians the pressure was certainly on to capture some good images.

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Never Work With Children or Animals

 "Never Work With Children or Animals", thought I would get the obvious cliche out the way first!

Baby/toddler portraiture is one of the services I offer and with a bit of planning and patience the above does not apply! Using a mobile studio means I can shoot at your house which tends to mean a more relaxed child. For a no obligation quote please visit my portraiture page.

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Keeping it Low-key

To achieve this striking effect you don't need a fancy studio or a large black sheet, in fact all these shots have been taken during the day with the curtains wide open. The black background is achieved by dialing down the aperture until the whole scene turns black, an off camera flash is then introduced to illuminate the subject from one side.

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